Our Mission


We are changing
the world.

There has been a paradigm shift for brands. It's time for your business to have marketing materials that allow you to go up against the giants. We came all the way from the cosmos to bring you this message and to steer your content in the right direction.

We're here to help you stand out in the crowded sea of online marketing. Armed with skilled creators that want nothing more than to see your brand evolve, we will transform you from a mediocre online presence, to looking and feeling like the elite brand that you were meant to be.


Our commercial video campaigns are designed to mold perception through feeling. Consumers are moved to purchase a product or invest in a service through emotion. Pain avoidance and pleasure-seeking are the key emotions that move consumers to take action. Knowing when to use each is an art that we have mastered and utilize to attract your ideal client. 


Our events are captured with intention. We begin by first getting to understand you. We want to know who you are at the core, what is your vision for your event and how you plan on achieving it. Then, we enlighten you about our unique event coverage process using our 4-Step System to Authentic Event Storytelling. This system is proven to give your event guests a full recap. Additionally, it gives individuals that couldn't make it to the event the feeling that they were there.

Monthly Memberships

Our monthly memberships are intended for you if your brand has fully actualized its purpose. Staying top-of-mind to your customers is what matters to you the most. You seek opportunities to scale your business and mentor your following. Additionally, you value consistent [premium-quality] content that makes you real money and helps you gain brand awareness. We only work with the best! So, if this sounds like you, reach out and we’ll make magic.
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“Our vision is for all small businesses to creatively present themselves to the world. Enabling their message to reach their ideal audience and achieving the monetary successes that is their birthright!”
Gethro Geneus
founder of quantized pixels llc

Our Core Competencies

to provide clarity
to produce results
for commercials, events, branding
with timely delivery
Who We Are

Our Amazing Team

Gethro Geneus

Founder & Creative Director

Trudy-Ann Lemonias

VP of Accounts & Operations

Elizabeth Kozyi

Project Coordinator

Greysen Brockbank

Executive Producer/Head of Post

Rachel Carter

Director / Creative