Our Mission


Modern Video Production for Classic Kitchen Equipment companies.

At Quantized Pixels, we are deeply committed to seeing our clients win! 

Whether it’s in saving on labor costs because you’ve implemented videos in your customer service pipeline outlining how to use your products in a clear, concise, and creative way, or in getting a new employee fully trained in 2 weeks versus a month, reducing the stress of managing their transition; we derive pleasure in seeing your business grow and expand.

We pride ourselves at helping you communicate clearly with your employees and customers, and inspire them to take meaningful actions

get modern video production in most professional manner

Helping You Push the Needle Forward.

Efficient systems and processes enable businesses to scale. With effective operations and sales trainings aided by our high quality, focused training videos, we guarantee effective communication from the top of your organization to the bottom.

Your employees will be able to continually make reference to the trainings, eliminating leaks and miscommunication from management.

“Everything we do is centered around self-growth. We believe that when one can empower self with knowledge, they’ll have the ability to change the world. By educating, guiding, and clarifying, we’re creating the space needed for that change. We just happen to make badass videos. ”
Gethro Geneus
founder of quantized pixels llc

Our Core Competencies

to provide clarity
to produce results
for commercials, training, branding
with timely delivery
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Our Amazing Team

Gethro Geneus

Founder & Executive Creative Director

Trudy-Ann Lemonias

VP of Accounts & Operations

Elisa Haddad

Marketing Manager

Greysen Brockbank

Executive Producer/Head of Post