Creating with purpose

Greetings. We’re Quantized Pixels. 

We shoot commercials, e-learning videos and events for service-based companies.

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that matters.

Because your company is always evolving, it's natural to seek content that will match your current look and feel. By getting to the root of what makes your brand unique, we produce engaging videos that show off your core competencies.

Molding perception
through emotion.

It's the Quantized Pixels way. If you can conjure up emotion, your audience will understand. If your audience understands, they will take action, and that's the point!

Creating with purpose

Why Clients Choose Us!

Quality Results

Prioritizing your goals and expectations start with listening. That's our secret to creating engaging and impactful videos.

Peace of mind

We get the job done right the first time so you can avoid embarrassment and negative feedback from your team.

Highly organized

We create a plan for everything. This allows us to work efficiently while saving time and resources, even with tight deadlines.

Our Approach to Production


We formulate unique strategies in
pre-production and polish them in
post-production. This guarantees that your message is not lost in translation. 


We're able to bring on amazing talents like actors, scriptwriters, voice over artists, etc., to energize your project and make it feel more like you.

Cost-effective corporate video production

Crew and Equipment

From makeup artists to camera operators all the way to the gear we'll use. We put the right people in your corner to produce your ideal outcome. Crew size varies per project.

S. Jane Moffat
VP of Goldman Sachs

"This team is outstanding! Highly organized in advance planning and when they arrived at our event.  It was very easy to work with them, and I would definitely hire Quantized Pixels again.  I highly recommend them!"

Meg Swoboda
Sr. Events and Marketing Coordinator - CIEE

Quantized Pixels was a pleasure to work with, both in setting up the event and their professionalism, especially on such short notice (2 days).  The team was also very professional. They did an awesome job of capturing exactly what we requested, and more!

Jess Matley
Chapter Programs Lead at Ellevate Network

“It's always been an enjoyable and super efficient process working with  the team at Quantized Pixels. Have used their services over 4 times now with only positive outcomes to report. Love that they also support my companies mission of working for gender equality!”


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creating with love
We embody your vision so we can make content that comes from our hearts and will matter to yours.
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