Tyler Whitley
June 2020
Case Study

Tyler Whitley

Who is Tyler Whitley?

Tyler Whitley is a professional brow stylist who educates estheticians and everyday women on how to sculpt and maintain their eyebrows. She inspires artists and women to feel beautiful and confident. Her mission is to empower women to care for all aspects of the Face and Body.

What was the goal of this project?

The goal of this project was to create two digital video courses to educate licensed cosmetologists and estheticians on how to professionally sculpt brows. This project included an ad campaign to promote the launch of the courses.

The purpose of the training videos was not only to educate artists but to also generate revenue for her studio, Face & Body Atelier.

How long did it take to create this course and the accompanying ad videos? 

This course took 21 hours to film, over the course of two days, plus 1.5 weeks to post-produce. 

What size crew does it take to produce commercial content of this nature?

It took a crew of 3-4 professionals on various days to produce each piece of content in Tyler’s’ campaign. In many cases, we had a two-camera angle set-up, camera stabilizers, a lighting specialist, a personal assistant, and our Creative Director. Through this process, we were able to capture all the shots necessary to craft the perfect message.

What are some common challenges of planning a production of this size?

Planning a video production of this size requires several brainstorming sessions with our team and several meetings with the client. During these sessions, we come up with concepts that best suit our clients’ needs giving us clarity on what types of shots to capture.

Some challenges that we faced were coaching the model while simultaneously shooting. The model was rather new to this setting so getting those perfect facial expressions took a few takes to capture, but we did it! Lastly, having to move our gear set up and rearrange them to fit each module can be taxing however over the years we have figured out some hacks to allow our scene transitions to go smooth!

We keep these key attributes at the core of our work:
  • Efficiency
  • Communication
  • Staying alert
  • Reliability

What was the process of creating this video ad?

Tyler’s goal was to show artists how to properly set the foundation for an expensive brow look, using her unique waxing techniques. In the series, she would be covering the fundamentals of brow care, maintenance, and styling techniques that would accentuate and enhance a healthy brow. 

Knowing her love for beauty and fashion, we strived to create courses that accentuated who she was at the core while highlighting the details of her work. We drafted storyboards for the ad concepts and outlined the shots that needed to be captured for each course intro, course module, and commercial. 

In the post-production phase, we utilized virtual effects, a detailed selection of license-free music, motion titles, transitions, and color-grading to make the videos engaging.

What was her testimonial?

“It has been a pleasure working with the Quantized Pixels team over the last 3 months on 3 projects. They have made the creative process an experience. From detailed conversations, to expressing ideas, coming up with game plans and the execution. Each product has gone from great to better than the last. The team certainly knows how to elevate their clients in many ways other than video. Very appreciative of them extending grace when grace is needed and over producing on each project. Can’t thank the team enough. Great job guys!” – Tyler Whitley, Chief Brow Stylist at Face and Body Atelier

What were our thoughts on this project?

The Quantized Pixels team truly enjoys working with Tyler to elevate and polish her online content. It was extremely rewarding to see our hard work on set pay off in the final version of the project. We have gone on to work with Tyler on other projects and we look forward to seeing her business scale multiple times.

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