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Splendid Spoon

Plant-Based Meal Delivery Promotional Video

What was the goal of this project?

The goal of this project was to create a promotional video advertisement that would communicate this plant-based meal delivery services' unique selling proposition and ultimately drive sales. The company slogan "Busy can be healthy" suggests that a busy lifestyle can still be a healthy one as long as you have their products on your side. This ad proved that to be true through engaging visuals, humorous voice-over language, and "on-brand" content structure. This project proved that we truly understood the needs of our clients and was able to execute quickly and efficiently.

What was the process of creating this video ad?

With every project, we begin by doing market research on our client. For this particular video, that included reviewing the companies' data and insights, reading their website in detail, reading their customer reviews, exploring articles that had been written about their products and their story, and most of all, directly asking the client a series of questions. Those series of questions were meticulously designed to help our team understand what their marketing strategy was missing. We took all of this information back to the drawing board and began to brainstorm Ad concept ideas. We decided on one final concept then fully drafted out the scenes. This process included the use of story-boarding and professional script-writing techniques. Next, we decided on a day to film the video. The chosen day was determined based on weather, the number of locations, time of day that the shoot needed to occur, actress and team availability, and the overall vision that the Director had for the project. The post-production part of this project included the use of advanced jump cuts and transitions, high-end color-grading, virtual effects, and graphic creation.

How long did it take to create this Ad?

The entire process took our team approximately 20 hours to produce from concept development to post-production.

What were the results of this video Ad project?

Upon delivery of this Ad project to our client, the head of Marketing reported that "the entire office was in shock when they saw that video, it was like a perfect gift that you weren't expecting." They had never experienced their product looking, feeling, and virtually tasting that good.

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