May 2020
Case Study


What is the FDA?

The Food and Drug Administration is a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. The FDA and MRA are leveraging their combined strengths to host a public workshop on neoadjuvant therapy in melanoma. The workshop seeks to identify, discuss, and address key issues, challenges, and opportunities faced by industry, regulatory, and academic partners—along with the concerns and interests of patients and patient advocates—in the pursuit of neoadjuvant therapies for melanoma.

How did our team manage to capture this event in alignment with their goals and objectives?

This workshop addressed the current methods for assessing the efficacy of neoadjuvant therapies for melanoma, opportunities for advancing novel treatments, and strategies for optimizing patient selection and risk mitigation. With an attendance of 100 people, we emphasized coordination and flow within the participants to capture their best angles and allow the event to flow naturally. We focused on clearly capturing each presenter with their energy and emotion reflecting in the shot. 

What are some common challenges of capturing an event of this size?

When participating in such a heartfelt and professional event, we pay extra attention to maintaining our composure in a non-intrusive way. One unique service we can provide is completely muting the shutter sound of our equipment allowing us to not only blend in but virtually disappear. The only evidence of our initial presence will be reflected in the incredible photos you receive.

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