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How to Hire the Right Video Production Company?

Make an informed decision

When hiring a reliable video production business.

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Being Realistic is key.

Is your in-house video production team delivering videos that just don’t have that professional look?
The first thing you will want to decide is what kind of production you want to produce. Is it a simple product video that can be done in a home studio with a DSLR? Or is it a big budget, juicy, an attention-grabbing commercial that requires casting, crew, set design, and high-level editing? Quantized Pixels may specialize in big-budget productions, but we also know how to keep it easy and simple. Once you decide what type of production you are working towards, you can begin to look for companies that offer those services.

Partnership Before Collaboration: When you are creating a video for business purposes, it has to be aligned to your business goals and needs. While you understand this, not all video production companies do. This is why you should extend your research to discover the process of every video production company on your list. Video production companies focusing on collaboration won’t be able to understand your vision or make videos that reflect it. Go with companies that extend their services as if they are your business partners.

Portfolio Work: Take a look at the production company's past works and demo reel. Do the past productions look of high quality? Are these past productions similar in look and feel to what you hope your production will look like? Do they have references for their work ethic and skills? QUANTIZED PIXELS has so many wonderful testimonials from our past clients and crew, we send these over with our entire production deck, so you know exactly, what, why, and how we do what we do and with the proof to back it up.

Does the Agency Take Your Target Audience into Account? The purpose of a business video is to achieve specific goals. And this is where looking for video production differs from looking for simple tasks like data entry services. Whether you want to impress shareholders, business partners, attract more customers, or thank your loyal ones – your video has to convey the right message. This is why it is important to find the agency that takes your target audience into account. This includes their needs and preferences, along with your brand image.

The Importance of the Video Company's Standards: Today the target audience has so many options in terms of the device they’ll see a video on. A video has to offer the same experience across all devices, including the low and high-resolution ones. On top of that, there are all sorts of regulations that have to be met. This is why you should make sure to check with the company if it follows the video standards and regulations that come with it.

Clear Workflow Process: There is more to video production than meets the eye. The magic, as well as the devil, is in the details. Reliable video companies generally have a systematic production process workflow – from the concept and design of the shoot to production, post-production, and delivery. Each stage is crucial to the outcome of the project. Get a clear view of the team’s creative process and how the team works to meet your objectives.

Look for Professionalism and Understanding: While some companies are excellent, it doesn’t mean that they offer exceptional services.
It is a good sign if the company representative wants to learn a great deal about your businesses before jumping to work.

Be open to new ideas. The production company you choose is here to help you and elevate the overall vision. Not only are we experts in video production, but here at QUANTIZED PIXELS we have created numerous successful projects like yours before. We know what works and what doesn’t and have tons of important information to share. QUANTIZED PIXELS is filled with insanely creative people who are here to help you. Use us to your advantage and you can ensure you will get an incredible, mind-blowing experience in the end. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us on any of our official QUANTIZED PIXELS channels or by contacting us below.

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