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Quantized Pixels
How we work toward our mission to help companies make a bigger impact.
Our deep commitment to our mission helps us accomplish incredible things. It pushes us beyond our comfort zones and emboldens us to tackle big challenges. We embrace opportunities to grow, make room for uncomfortable conversations, and respect each other’s perspectives when we don’t achieve consensus.
Continuous Learning
We invest in many kinds of trainings and workshops to make sure our team is always building new skills.
Self Mastery
We focus on improving how we show up in the world by raising our awareness to vibrate higher than the negativity in our society.
Wellness Lifestyle
We promote healthy eating and setting boundaries to achieve happiness, lower stress, and ultimately create work life balance.
“Everything we do is centered around self-growth. We believe that when one can empower self with knowledge, they’ll have the ability to change the world. By educating, guiding, and clarifying, we’re creating the space needed for that change. We just happen to make badass videos. ”
Gethro Geneus
founder of quantized pixels llc

Our Core Competencies

to provide clarity
to produce results
for commercials, e-learning, events
with timely delivery
Who We Are

Some of Our Amazing Team

Gethro Geneus

Founder & Executive Creative Director

Trudy-Ann Lemonias

VP of Accounts & Operations

Elisa Haddad

Marketing Manager

Shaharlee Blake

Researcher & Key MUA

Brook Jackson

Executive Producer & Head of Post

Desmond MacNamara

Cinematographer & Head of Production

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