Oct 29, 2020

Top 3 Reliable Apps for Editing Binge-Worthy Videos on Your Smartphone

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Elisa Haddad
Looking to edit some awesome footage that you filmed on your phone but aren’t sure what apps to use? Having trouble getting your footage to come out how you envisioned it? No worries, we’ve gone ahead and done the research for you. We know how time-consuming it can be to figure out what apps will produce the best results. We tested the top three video editing apps for smartphones to determine which app might be best for you.

Adobe Rush
Available Devices & Subscription
If you haven’t tried Adobe Rush and you are looking for an app built to do on-the-go edits, this one is worth checking out. Available on both iOS and Android, you can download the app with no time limitations. It allows you to play with it for as long as you need to figure out if it's a good fit for your editing needs. The caveat is, you're only allowed three free exports before Adobe asks you to subscribe for $9.99 a month. The app is not hard to use as a basic editor but its capabilities are locked behind a learning curve. If you take the time to learn the app's functions, it will make a great tool for creating YouTube videos on your phone.
Filters, Coloring, Text & Music Options
The app features thirteen filters to add to your videos. Manual video coloring options and overlays which allow for texts with background fills. You can also access Adobe fonts which have a massive selection. The bad news is, there is a poor built-in music library. But, on the upside, Adobe gives you the ability to import tracks of your own.
Voiceover & Sound Effects
Adobe allows you to do voice-overs with advanced options. These options are noise reduction, echo reduction, enhanced speech, and balanced sound. This is great for “talking-head” videos that can feel boring but can be quite engaging with clean audio. Unfortunately, there are no built-in sound effects but you can import your own.
Clip Speed
Another great option is the clip speed. The clip speed shows as a percentage, which is convenient for setting your clips to the speed of your liking. This function is great for tutorials and how-to’s that have redundant steps.
“But what if I want to make content for Instagram or Tik Tok?”
Now let’s get into some apps that are great for editing videos for your social media profiles. I’m talking about Tik Tok and IG Reels! We all know everyone's attention is on Tik Tok and Instagram right now, and I'm sure you want to capture some of that attention for your content. I will briefly discuss two apps that will help accomplish your entrepreneurial goals.

Available Devices
The first app I will dissect for editing Tik Tok's and IG Reels is Splice. Now I am sorry android users, this one is only for IOS users. But don’t you go out and buy yourself an iPhone, I have an app for you too.
Filters, Coloring, Text & Music Options
Splice is very simple upon first use with great features. The app comes jam-packed with more than twenty manual coloring options and filters. Included is a variety of transitions, a great built-in music library, and cool effects. The app is easy for someone new to editing to use as you can drag, drop, and create a video within minutes. Splice gives you tools to create a custom border to frame your videos and input text into the frames. You also have several font options that allow for customization of text. Splice has a way better built-in music library in comparison to Adobe Rush. The built-in music library is separated according to the genre for your convenience. You do still have the ability to import your own tracks as well if you choose to.
Voiceover, Sound Effects & Clip Speeds
Included is a large sound effect library which is helpful for any editing process. It also allows for clip speed options up to ten times. There are simple voice over options with the ability to make volume adjustments to your voice.
I bet now you are asking “sounds good but what’s the catch?” Well, there is no catch, except that you have to pay $2.99 a week after your 7-Day free trial ends,which most of us spend more than that on our favorite latte's. Adobe Rush might be a better contender because it allows you more flexibility to figure out what you need out of the app. But, you might want to explore other apps such as the one I will be discussing, before making your final decision.

Available Devices & Subscription
Last but not least, an app that can serve both iPhone and Android users (yes, everyone is invited to this party). InShot app is built to be sleek and includes popular transitions and effects. InShot offers a decent amount of preset options and, like Splice, is very user friendly. With great features, comes a subscription somewhere in the mix, but InShot’s Pro plans are not so bad. After a free 3-Day trial you have the choice of either $3.99 monthly, $14.99 yearly, or $34.99 for lifetime access.  No matter what you decide to go with, it’s all about getting the features that you need. So, what are those features that come with InShot Pro you ask?
Filters, Coloring, Effects, Text & Music Options
You unlock all the app's settings, colors, transitions, and other effects. The app allows for the option to speed the clip up to 100 times. The free version of the app includes ten filters and by upgrading to Pro you can unlock fifteen more stylized filters. You also have full manual coloring options. The music selection has artist-curated playlists and you can import your own tracks for a more specialized approach. You have access to a built-in sound effect library and a voice-over option with simple volume adjustments. Canvas sizing is also made super easy, allowing you to adjust your background and overlay text with ease. There are several fonts included and you can download and import other fonts as well. If you are looking to create short videos for your Instagram or Tik Tok profiles, this app has the most potential with a subscription to InShot Pro.
Try it for yourself!
It’s tough to say what app will work best for you. It depends on your niche and the type of videos that you plan to create. But, I hope this helped narrow down your options from the array of video editing apps available. Now, all you have to do is download the apps, and explore for yourself which app best suits your needs. Happy Editing!