Aug 10, 2020

Why We Changed & How We Work

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Trudy-Ann Lemonias
Last week we showed you the new us via our company reel video and a little insight on why we changed. This week we’re sharing deeper insight on how the “new us” came to be and what our new process looks like.
It all started during the quarantine. Like many of us in isolation, we had more time on our hands to contemplate. This led us to ask ourselves a lot of questions that we hadn’t considered before.
  1. Why do we really do what we do?
  2. What kind of results do we want our clients to achieve?
Through deep self reflection and investing in brand development we gained a whole new level of clarity on how we can best serve you.
So, how will we better serve you? QP works from the inside out - we get to know you and your brand before we even pick up a camera. Using our 4-Step System to Authentic Brand Videos and Event Storytelling, every piece of content we create not only has purpose but also gets you the results you’re looking for.

So, what exactly does that look like?

There are four main steps to working with us.
1. The first phase of our work together is challenging you to dive deep into who you are as a person or company to discover the true mission and culture of your brand.

We do this in two ways:

i. By using an in-depth brand clarity or event questionnaire
ii. By conducting a Discovery Call
We've found that this process truly clarifies your goals so that our team is fully equipped to embody your message during the next few phases of our work together.
2 . Our process continues in the second phase with an explanation of services, also known as the proposal stage. Here we help you to visualize us working together by reiterating your brand message, incorporating that message into potential video concepts, and pointing out where the brand may be falling short. Lastly we solidify our project plans with a work agreement and payment.
3. In phase three, the fun starts!
We begin working on a detailed plan for your commercial project also known as the execution of pre-production for your video campaign.  For events, this may look like putting together a shot list and scouting the event location in preparation for event day(s).
This is one of our favorites. It’s where we make the magic happen--shoot day. On this day, all our planning will be brought to life in a concerted effort of directing, producing, assisting and fine-tuning your script and camera presence.
We put everything together in post-production, keeping in mind the original brand message discussed in phase one.
4. Finally, we wow you in the fourth phase with the final project delivery. We’re known to “nail it” on the first go since we stay in close communication with you throughout the entire project. But we’re happy to make revisions during this phase if requested.
With all that being said, “We’re here!”
What’s Next?
We have just launched our new website and our production reel showing you all of our highlights from 2019 and the earlier part of this year. Additionally, above this blog post, there will be an explainer video to help you visualize all the new changes.
If the new QP resonates with you, don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form on the contact tab of the site.
We are looking forward to producing your next project!